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have we spoiled night time dryness with pull ups?

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scootergal Sun 11-Sep-11 22:32:42

i hope someone can help out thanks for reading

dd aged 24 months trained (her decision) pretty easily last may. she was doing well at night - did night time june about 6 weeks later when she was doing so well in day time and was refusing to put nappies on at night. We had a family wedding end of july - were away for the week and routin e went a bit kybosh iykwim... after we came home from wedding she was wetting every night for about a week 2-3 accidents (back to having a big drink of milk before bed (bottle) too which we had almost stopped fully)

we tried to wait it out but no joy after about 10 days she was still having accidents at night it was as if she 'forgot' she was night trained (well almost)
we tried lifting her to bring her to the toilet when we were going to bed but she would semi wake and basically go nuts (she likes she sleep and not impressed with being disturbed ) and totally refused to perform!
anyhow we were sleep deprived and decided to use pull ups at night - she s been dry some nights and not others.
Any ideas wher to go from here - how do we get rid of pull ups?
I think she wont do well with being lifted - she loves her sleep and doesnt react well to being woken or disturbed (we did with her 4 yr old brother for while after day time training, he trained much later)
I know we need to totally drop the night drink or bottle (she has milk from cup or bottle before bed )
I m worried we have introduced a bad habit with introducing pull ups - but i kind of felt like we didn't have an option we waited about 2 1/2 weeks to see if night time dryness would return but it didn't and I was exhausted from changing sheets in the middle of the night.
How do we get back to night time dryness - just wait ?

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