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potty training

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olivialeigh Sun 11-Sep-11 19:58:05

Hi guys can anyone help me. my little boy is 17 months, tonight i asked him to sit on his potty and have a wee, which i often do but this time i took off his nappy, he sat on it 2 or 3 time and done a poo (very proud mummy lol), i clapped and made a posative fuss and showed him, but he hadnt quite finished so i asked him to sit back down on the potty and he totally feeked out, now even with the potty cleaned out he wont sit on it and if i try sitting him on it he really crys. his never been like that with the potty before...dose this mean he will never go on it again? what do i do ??? liv x

SilveryMoon Sun 11-Sep-11 20:00:50

This is quite normal, think they all go through that bit.
He is still very young to be potty training.
Personally, I would continue to have the potty around, but remove all pressure, let him show interest in it on his own, don't force him to sit on it, just let his natural curiosity lead the pace.

inmysparetime Sun 11-Sep-11 20:03:39

Sometimes children get a bit scared by the "dropping" sensation of a potty or toilet poo. You could try putting a nappy inside the potty to reduce the distance for it to fall. Keep up with the praise, and stickers/rewards if that works for you, he'll come back to the potty soon enough. Don't force the issue if he's really freaking out, just mop up accidents without comment and big up the praise when he gets it right.

olivialeigh Sun 11-Sep-11 20:27:02

thanks guys x

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