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Public toilets

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Lisatheonewhoeatsdrytoast Sun 11-Sep-11 16:27:19

Been potty training DS who is 2.8 since yesterday, he's doing well, pees and poo in the potty yesterday only 2 accidents and none so far today, and he's wearing his thomas pants with pride smile However today i needed to go to tesco for my mothers cake ingredients for her birthday, so we went, with DS in his pants, gets to tesco and he says he needs to pee, so i took him into the loo where he then starts screaming hysterically and saying he doesn't want to go into there and sit on the toilet and is inconsolable.

So i pulls his pants back up and tell him, it's ok, but he'll need to hold it, which he did till we got home, however there will be occasions when we will be out and he will NEED to use public loo's!

It's not a fear of the big toilet, cause he'll use this at home or at a relatives house?!

How do i tackle this?!

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