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DD uses potty at nursery but not at home

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4oclockwakeup Sat 10-Sep-11 09:23:16

My DD aged 2.10 months started taking off her nappies and declared she did not want them about 3 weeks ago. We've had potties in the house for ages and she has shown interest in them and had a few ad hoc poos and wees. Taking her lead I put her in knickers which she loves and has happily used the potty at nursery a number of times the first day she was in knickers. She is continuing to use the potty at nursery all the time. However although she will sit on the potty sometimes at home she only wees or poos on the floor. She definitely has recognition when she needs a poo or wee as she tells us but even if the potty is cms away she will then do her business on the floor. We ask if she needs the potty frequently, invite her to the toilet with us and don't make a fuss of accidents. She has a new 10 week old brother so thinking it is a attention thing.
Getting a bit frustrated as she is doing so well at nursery but home seems a different matter all together.
Anyone else experienced similar or any ideas on how to encourage potty use at home?

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