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3 year old going backwards

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Littlehet Thu 08-Sep-11 17:09:34

i have been potty training my daughter who is 3 for 8 weeks now, she was doing extremley well then she started back at nursery, on tuesday she was fine but since yesterday she has kept wetting herself , i haven't a clue on what to do? she didn't wet herself for 6 weeks now all of a sudden she is going backwards has anyone any idead on what i can do?

Thank you

mumfromspace Thu 08-Sep-11 17:26:01

Just keep in drilling it in that she has to tell the lady at nursery, have you tried 'The Pant Fairy'?? It worked for us, basically at the end if every day the pant fairy will ask mummy if there have been any accidents, if not then they get a smiley sticker, once they have 5 in a row they get a small gift. Eventually they forget about the fairy and just like being clean. Also there is so much going on at nursery that they forget and we are not there to prompt them. Hope this helps xx

Littlehet Fri 09-Sep-11 09:15:44

Yes that's a brill idea thanks, she wasn't in nursery all yesterday and she wet herself all day now has a big hang up about even going near the potty , i was wondering if they gave her attention when she wet herself , i shall try the pant fairy thank you

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