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Very wet still at night

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13lucky Wed 07-Sep-11 20:35:27

Hi there, my ds is nearly 3 and has been toilet trained for nearly 6 months. He is totally fine and never has accidents in the day. We have been very lucky as it was so easy. However, he still wears nappies at night and they are still very wet in the morning. My dd was dry in the day and at night at the same time so was out of nappies at night by 2 yrs and 9 months. Now I know this is not the norm but will my ds just 'get' the nighttime thing at some point? The thing is, I'm not sure whether he is holding on in the night and then doing a huge wee when he wakes up...or whether he wees in his sleep. He knows he should stay in bed until 7am (has a digital clock) but he is always awake before this singing or chattering in his bed so it is possible that he wees when he wakes up because we have had the very occasional dry nappy but only a handful in 6 months. So, will he just 'get' it eventually or should I encourage him to get up when I hear him wake (I would rather not as it is too early!)

Beamur Wed 07-Sep-11 20:37:08

I think it's a hormone thing, many kids are dry in the day and not at night. Hopefully someone will come along - I think there are some specific tips to help, but your DS is still very young, so I suspect it's more a matter of time.

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