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Not a great start...

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itstheyearzero Sat 03-Sep-11 19:43:44

So I tried to start potty training with DS (2.9) today. I have been building him up to it for weeks doing the usual stuff - reading him the Pirate Pete story, letting him sit on the potty with pants on etc etc. Anyway, today was D-Day and it was pretty much a disaster. DS would not sit on the potty with or without pants, he got really uspet and as the day wore on he got more and more freaked out about it. sad. He had 3 (wee) accidents, and was really upset about those too. I think I know in my heart that he isn't ready yet, so I was thinking of leaving it for a month or so in the hope that he will forget all about today! Do you agree, and if so, what the hell can I do in the next couple of months to help him get his head around it? Any advice appreciated.

fidelma Sat 03-Sep-11 20:40:58

I would keep going as long as you can deal with the accidents.
Keep it light and fun.
Put the potty infront of the telly after meals as you are more likely to get a result.
Give him praise for just sitting on the potty.
In my experience it does take time.
don't give up until you have given it a good go.I would say 4 days.
Then expect accidents for a month or 3!

triskaidekaphile Sun 04-Sep-11 01:36:21

I agree with fidelma. I think you need to give it quite a while longer. My daughter has just had a lightbulb moment with potty training but it took 3 days of complete disaster, 2 days of some random seeming hit and misses and then, just as I was about to conclude that she wasn't ready, she started taking herself off to the pot and weeing and pooing in it! We've had hardly any accidents since. Amazing. I would definitely give it at least a week and would be tempted to try for a fortnight. Bribery is the key to getting him to sit on the potty- sweeties or stickers. Give one for a good sit on the pot and two for anything he manages to get in there. I think it's a practical thing, as much as a get head round it thing and having lots of accidents is how they learn. Good luck.

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