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Is there a window of opportunity?

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pixipie151 Fri 02-Sep-11 18:59:45

First time mum, so please excuse me for probable daft question. One friend has said leave it late to potty train as she found it quick and easy, but a work colleague (OT) has said not to wait too long as could miss 'the right time'.

I was just about to start, as DD is 2yrs 6months and I think is giving me some good signals. But personally, Im in no hurry, if its better to wait.

Any advice please?

An0therName Fri 02-Sep-11 21:04:57

if you are ready - that is you have mental space and there is not too much going on in your life - and your DD seems ready then give it a go - I would say ready is things like maybe telling you when she does a poo or a wee, tending to go longer between wees, do you have a potty and is she interested, have you tried her on it and will she perform that kind of thing
I think in theory there might be a time where they get too comfortable in nappies but most of the problems I have seen with people is trying too early or when there is lots of other stuff going on - eg new sibling, or new pre-school that kind of thing
I found the readiness questionaire in the no cry potty training solution book very helpful - and the book altogther v useful if you like books

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