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Learning to wipe (sorry!)

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Bunch Wed 31-Aug-11 19:59:48

My ds is 7 and still cannot quite grasp the concept of wiping himself properly after a poo. We have tried teaching him for years but he still can't totally do it successfully and so I end up having to check him when at home or have soiled pants if he's tried when out. Anyone have any suggestions?

girlywhirly Thu 01-Sep-11 09:51:30

Firstly, don't be sorry, it is the toilet training topic after all!

I think that boys can be particularly lax over wiping, especially when they want to get back to their mates or a game (when they might not bother beyond one wipe and thats it.

It might be a problem with actually reaching behind effectively, I think most adults shuffle forwards on the toilet seat to wipe, but this may be problematic in a 7yo whose feet might not touch the floor on an adult sized toilet. DS might do better getting off the toilet and bending forwards slightly before starting to wipe. Have you shown him how to wipe once, fold the toilet tissue over, wipe again, fold, wipe, looking at it each time, get more tissue if necessary, repeat the wipe/fold/look until there is nothing to see on the tissue? You might have to put the tissue in his hand and direct it (with your hand) to the precise area to be wiped!

At home you could resort to those toilet wet wipes, to be used as a final resort after using tissue. I say this because wet wipes are one of the major causes of blocked soil pipes, so only flush one at a time.

Bunch Fri 02-Sep-11 18:42:31

Thank you for answering! Yes, we have taught him to get off the toilet first as he can't reach. We've also shown him the wipe once, check, fold method. I think it's just as you described in that he can't wait to get back to building his Lego! I might try the wet wipes as you suggested and I guess just keep trying!

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