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Cotbed or regular bed? silly question but I'm clueless!

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LeeVitout Wed 31-Aug-11 19:56:25

Hi all, now this may seem like a v silly question but it is puzzling me!

My ds is 2.4 and showing no signs at the mo of being ready to potty train but I'm reading up about it in readyness.

He is currently in a cot bed with the sides up (show no signs of escaping over the top - so want to leave him in it for as long as he is comfortable in it) and wears a sleepsuit with poppers.

BUT when we do potty training does he need to be in a toddler bed- so he can get out,
and be wearing pyjamas that he can pull down?
Do you put a potty in their bedrooms for night wees?
and do they use it unattended?

as I said in the title I am clueless!!

rubyslippers Wed 31-Aug-11 19:58:17

Night training is not the same as day training

It is regulated by hrmones and often happens later than day time training

pointydog Wed 31-Aug-11 20:13:56

dd2 was potty trained at 2.7, day and night at the same time. She definitely benefitted from pyjama separates as she would go to the potty (in the bathroom) by herself.

She was already in a proper bed. She never got up in the night for the toilet but at least she could get up in the morning. Makese sense. I suppose it doesn't matter if you keep nappies on at night for longer but why bother if you don't need to.

notcitrus Wed 31-Aug-11 20:31:43

Worry about night time later.
Ds is now fully potty trained in the day, but still in a cotbed with the side up (he likes it that way, but he's getting too heavy for me to lift...)
He gets his nappy taken off first thing in the morning and on as part of his bedtime routine.
To start with we had him in nappies at nap time too but he was clearly holding out for that so we stopped. As long as he's got up immediately he wakes from a nap it's fine, and now he will shout and say he needs a wee.

He's never had a dry nappy in the morning yet so he's definitely not night-dry and no point in trying that - his dad wet the bed until he was 9 and ds isn't even 3.

LeeVitout Thu 01-Sep-11 06:28:39

THanks everyone, I thought you did day and night all at once confused
This has reassured me that he can still be in his cot for a lot longer!

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