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mrsallright Wed 31-Aug-11 16:01:11

I've just got back to work, my husband is a stay at home dad and I tried putting our son who is 2 and 9 months on the potty last week a few times. he went in the potty twice and then immediately tipped it upside down. Then peed in his lego box instead! My husband is much more of a clean freak than me and found this all very upsetting! Our son is not bothered about being dirty, but will go on the loo when we put him on his special loo seat. I have been keen to get started but all my friends say not to rush it so haven't pushed it before I came back to work. What would you suggest we could be doing next? Was thinking of a sticker chart as he doesn't get stickers any other time, but not sure how interested he will be!

mrsallright Wed 31-Aug-11 16:02:01

sorry forgot to say he's also looking after our 6 month old daughter! Hence why I've been off work for a while!

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