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dd is cries eyes out when asked to sit on the toilet and potty!!

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ems147 Wed 31-Aug-11 11:49:16

dd is nearly 19m and has been showing signs of being ready to be potty train for a while, dry nappies after nap telling me before she needs a wee and a poo, so i bought a toilet trainer seat for the toilet which i attempted to bring out just to get her used to it, was terrfied of it and would scream blue murder if asked her to sit on it, so decided to get a potty thinking this might be less scary for her....
nope!! this is just as terrifying as the toilet!! although she doesnt seem to bothered by sitting on it fully clothed and wearing a nappy! but as soon as the nappy comes off she wont go anywhere near the potty!!
really not sure what to do and where this has come from!

mousymouse Wed 31-Aug-11 11:50:43

she is obviously not ready.
just leave her be for another year or so.

ragged Wed 31-Aug-11 11:55:10

Do you know that she can go at least an hour between wees whilst fully awake? That's a min. req. in my book.

Just take it slowly; if she'll sit there fully clothed I'd be happy with that for now. Does she get much nappy free time? She needs that to be fully aware of her bodily functions. And some time when she's running around half-starkers she will just happen to sit down on the potty.

You'd be very lucky to make much progress at this point; and if you did make progress it's more likely to cause you to tear your hair out a lot for weeks than if you left it another 6+ months.

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