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Potty training (well, if she'd let me be) and not sure where to go from here, help!

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PottyRefusnik Mon 29-Aug-11 22:05:20

My DD1 is 2.6 and we are on our second attempt at potty training. The first time round she seemed to have no control over her bladder at all, so we left it and tried again this week.

This time she just seemed to get it. After a couple of small trickles in the first few hours of day 1 we managed two full days of everything going in the potty, no accidents. Then, after having a tantrum about not being given something she wanted (not potty related) she has refused to use the potty and is just wetting herself.

What should I do? She can do it, she is just choosing not to. Its quite infuriating to be honest.

a) abandon completely, try again in a few months
b) carry on regardless
c) back in nappies in the day but trying to sit on potty first thing in the morning and last thing at night
d) any other option you can think of!

{{Already posted this in Behaviour/Development but found the Potty Training thread now so posted it on here too, sorry for the duplicate}}

Mumleigh Mon 29-Aug-11 23:03:45

Is she actively avoiding the potty or has she just stopped bothering to get to it in time? They often have a period where the novelty wears off. I'd just carry on praising when she gets it right and don't make a fuss or tell her off when she has an accident. Not sure what to advise if she is doing it on purpose though!I am a big believer in not going back to nappies once you have started potty training though ( unless she really isn't getting the hang of it which dosn't seem to be the case with your dd)

PottyRefusnik Tue 30-Aug-11 10:08:23

Well today so far we have had one poo in knickers (nice!) and one wee in the potty. Trying to be relaxed about it today, she knows where it is and hoping she will take herself, with just some gentle reminders from me.

She is so pleased with herself when she did the wee in the potty, had her chocolate buttons, called daddy to tell him at work, much praise all round but she still just doesn't seem to keen on it, doesn't really want to go near the potty and I'm not sure she'll do it again.

If she doesn't show some improvement I think I might abandon it and try again in a few months but I just don't know!

Mumleigh Tue 30-Aug-11 10:59:26

she is till quite young - my DS was almost three and only dry at night at 5 while my DD was just two and never looked back once she got going. Good Luck - it is a frustrating time. Do you have a friend with a child who uses a potty? - sometimes seeing another child doing it and getting rewarded will encourage them to have a go. I thought my DD would never sit on the toilet - she would scream in terror! Then one day her little friend came round to play and once she saw her sit on the loo she had a go and was fine after that.

PottyRefusnik Tue 30-Aug-11 13:30:08

We do have plenty of toddler friends but with it still being school holidays we aren't seeing much of them. Lots of them have older siblings so they are off doing family things with the older ones. It might be easier when schools go back and we start seeing our usual playmates again.

I think a play friend is coming over later but she doesn't use the potty regularly so not sure if it will help, though it will cheer her up to see her friend, she adores her.

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