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To prompt DS 3yr or not to prompt for using the potty?

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dirtylaundry Sun 28-Aug-11 22:12:45

I have just started potty training DS nearly 10 days ago and while he uses a potty for both wees and poos (he will pull down and up his trousers and pants) it only seems when I prompt him. So thankfully the accidents have been very limited and only seem to occur when I leave him to his own devices. I use a sticker reward chart and have now introduced sad faces for when he has an accident - which he absolutely hates and puts a his good sticker over the sad face when he has performed in the potty. Have also got big brother on board to help ie telling younger brother when he is going, and we make a big thing of it when he does go in the potty. He is also happy to go and use a toilet (or bushes) when we are out.

Do I now just leave him to get on and figure it out for himself or do I keep prompting him?

NellyTheElephant Mon 29-Aug-11 15:13:20

10 days really isn't that long. With all 3 of mine I think I kept up a level of regular prompting for at least 3 or 4 weeks and found I needed to prompt less and less over time without me giving it any particular thought. Even now with DS who has been trained for about 4 months and is generally v reliable, I might still prompt him in certain situations (e.g. over excited and playing or if we are out of familiar surroundings). So, no don't prompt all the time, but if it's been a couple of hours, you know he's had a large glass of juice and he hasn't been then it might be wise to suggest a quick trip to the loo.

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