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Could trying too hard be a problem when potty training?

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rattling Sat 27-Aug-11 20:36:20

I have twin boys who are 2.4. I am not trying to potty train them at the moment, but they have recently moved up to the 2-3 year old room at nursery where the majority of children will get potty trained - so children using potties, toilet, in and out of pants and nappies all around them. They are sat on the potty at nursery every nappy change.

So I've got potties to have around the place, we have a couple of books, and the boys quite like sitting on their potties watching TV after their bath.

My worry is with one DS who is over-keen to perform (he is always very eager to please grin). One successful pee in potty was met with great excitement: potty marched ceremonially to toilet where he was allowed to flush it away. Since then he has been squeezing out mls of fluid, even the tiniest poo so we can do this again. He'll get back on the potty and try to squeeze out a little more immediately.

This doesn't seem very healthy. Have I messed up? How can I get him using the potty when he needs it rather than forcing something when he has his nappy off? Should I hide the potties for a while?

Potty training has been my biggest fear (since I got past the actual giving birth to twins concerns), please help get me through this!!

MadamDeathstare Sun 28-Aug-11 20:01:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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