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Toilet Training

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merrydebs Thu 25-Aug-11 12:02:01

Could really do with some good advice please! My 3 yr old son will not entertain idea of having a wee or a poo on the loo! He will reluctantly wear undies but absolutely insist on having his nappy put back on before he next needs the loo! Getting desperate now as he will be starting nursery in sept. Have two older sons, but don't remember them being quite as difficult as this.

flyingintheattic Thu 25-Aug-11 12:15:37

Have you tried the potty? How does he react?

notcitrus Thu 25-Aug-11 13:08:31

Potty may well be less scary than toilet?

In the end with ds we told him he would be wearing pants from Monday, but he'd get a chocolate button for every wee/poo he did sitting on the potty (later, only if the wee actually went in the potty not straight ahead...) and a sticker towards a 20-square chart for getting a scooter for every day he was fairly cooperative.
After a month he's really very good now, but still won't use a big toilet as his legs are too short to reach the step.

merrydebs Thu 25-Aug-11 13:35:53

Yes, initially started with potty but did find it too small for him. Sticker chart a great idea. Thanks so much for advice. X

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