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Dribbles of wee in pants before going on toilet/potty

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juliedennis74 Wed 24-Aug-11 14:18:37

My DD who is 2y5m has been toilet training for 5 weeks. She is doing great with her poos, getting them all on toilet or potty and we don't have many big wee accidents, one every day or so. Howver, almost always, she seems to let a bit of wee out into her pants before she then says she needs to go. Sometimes I can remind her to go but more often than not she will not go when I suggest (very stubborn and independent) and would prefer to decide herself when she needs to go. Any advice and is this normal? If it is a phase we have to go through then that is fine. My DS was an absolute nightmare to toilet train but that is a whole other story and this is so much better but just not sure if it is okay.

girlywhirly Wed 24-Aug-11 15:55:08

I think that sometimes they dribble a bit while they are trying to remember whether they have pants on and the wetting is while they try to control themselves, so it's all a bit last minute iyswim. I think it will get better in time as she gets herself to the potty/loo a bit sooner. It's good that she only dribbles and doesn't just wee all the way to the loo!

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