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Should I be worried that DS only did one wee at nursery yesterday (10 days into training)?

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BirdyBedtime Wed 24-Aug-11 09:26:01

We started training DS (2.8) weekend before last so about 10 days ago. He has been doing not too badly with wees but not so well with poos. Over this weekend just past he only had 2 wee accidents but in total had about 8-10 wees each day. Yesterday morning he was dry when he woke and had a wee as soon as I took his nappy off. I then took him to nursery and apparently between dropping him off at 7.45am and picking him up at 5pm he only did one wee!! I just can't believe this. They said they kept taking him to the toilet but he didn't do anything. He was a bit out of sorts and teary which is unusual for him but not sure that would have stopped him peeing. We are trying to discourage taking him to the toilet unless he asks and taking him off if he doesn't do anything within a few mins and I'm afraid he's getting mixed messages with nursery just taking him regardless because he hadn't wee'd for so long and also sitting with him for about 15 mins on the potty in the afternoon. They said he'd been drinking and he didn't seem particularly thirsty when he got home. Should I be worried about this?

Firawla Wed 24-Aug-11 13:02:30

it seems quite normal to me, mine also used to go ages without a wee even when he was v recently trained, and sometimes he does go the whole day without going to the toilet (hes 3 now), i know a lot of my friends dcs are like this too as i was slightly worried but people said theres are all the same. although have been suggested by some people that its not good for their health to go so long?? (my mum and mil seem to think this) but i dont know how you can force them really if they do not need to go?

girlywhirly Wed 24-Aug-11 16:08:49

Sometimes the DC just don't like the idea of using a strange loo. Sending their own potty from home for them to use can help. I would be a bit concerned at a child not weeing for so long, if they don't withhold at home then obviously they aren't confident weeing at nursery and a solution should be found. I don't think sitting DS on the potty for 15 mins was particularly helpful of nursery, it must have seemed like a punishment.

I do find nurseries are unbelievably hot, and the DC must be sweating a lot and therefore producing less urine, even if they are having drinks.

notcitrus Wed 24-Aug-11 16:25:12

Ds's nursery were in awe of his ability to hold it in - they stopped putting him in a nappy for naptime as he was blatantly waiting for that, and one day he went from 8am until after 4pm despite being taken to the potty/toilet regularly, stories read to him there, praise, etc.

Then they heard this little 'I'm weeing' wail and he just kept going for nearly two minutes...

Oddly after that he did very well and uses the little toilet at nursery beautifully and potties at home, so after 4 weeks he got his reward of a scooter.
I've stopped rewarding wees with smarties though as I think he was trying to wee more often to get more!

But today he's weed about 10 times, other times it's only twice a day. Huge variation.

BirdyBedtime Mon 29-Aug-11 10:40:39

Thanks all. Over the weekend he has been weeing at least 5 or 6 times in this time period so either he is weeing and they just don't know (it's a little toilet rather than a potty so feasible) or he is witholding there, or as you say it might be because it is warm (definitely warmer than our house anyway!). Or it could just be a one day thing as he was out of sorts - now has a stinking cold.

I'll see how this week goes - it wasn't helped by the fact that the room supervisor has been on holiday so lots of different staff in the room over the past few weeks to cover. It's also made worse by the fact that he gets a bit upset when he needs a poo and can go back and forth to the loo a number of times before doing it. Saying that, no accidents now for a week so hurrah for that.

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