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Does this sound like DD is ready?

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mudpuddle Sun 21-Aug-11 17:09:14

Just had first day of proper potty training with DD . It's not been too bad (I think!)but I have never potty trained before and don't know what constitutes normal accidents or what is simply not being ready. Hoping kind people who have done this before will compare notes with me on their first days!

DD is 2.8. She is familiar with the concept of potty/toilet and can tell you what you are supposed to do on them. Over the past few months she has had a potty in the lounge- has played with it a bit and done a few wees- but may have been luck- she didn't take herself, we encouraged her to sit and try.

Today, armed with new special knickers and stickers and a chart ( a bit of chocolate!) we have given it a proper go. She has not worn trousers, just her new knickers. She has had 3 wees on the potty. None of these times were her own instigation- it was when we had asked her to have a try. In between, we have had 3 accidents. One was a proper full wee, the other two were smaller and she did them at the same time as having a big fart! (anyone else had this?) She didn't try and get to the potty or mention the potty at these times either.

So just wondering if this sounds ok? Any tips? DD is in nursery tomorrow and they are fully prepared to carry on with it.

Other thing is, she is extremely stubborn and cross with life generally (but apparently I was the same until about 5) if I say "Come on, lets have a try on the potty" she will say "No I will NOT" or similar- basically says opposite to me. How are you supposed to react to this without turning potty training into a big deal?

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 21-Aug-11 17:17:53

Yes, it definitely think it sounds like she is ready and she is doing fine. Both my dc (a girl then a boy) trained at about this age, and were pretty reliable after a few days. I did take the potty out and about with us everywhere for a while, but never went back to nappies or pull ups. It is easier when the weather is warm enough for them not to wear trousers or shorts for a few days.

Incidentally, try and make potty time more of something you do without question, rather than optional. Maybe by now your dd knows you always put shoes on before you go out? So sitting on the potty is not something you "try" but something you "do". Therefore "right, its potty time now dd". If she produces anything - then one chocolate button. Worked like a dream for us smile - good luck.

IHeartIona Sun 21-Aug-11 17:37:45

Sounds ready to me, my dd had about 8 accidents the first day and she had it completely within a few weeks

mudpuddle Sun 21-Aug-11 18:14:15

Thanks for the replies. Good to hear of others experiences. Chocolate buttons sound good- dd loves them and easy to get just one out of the packet.

I have been expecting accidents was just the casual way they happened without mention of the potty that made me wonder. We've just been upstairs for bathtime and I put dd on her toilet seat- nothing. Then she moaned and wriggled to get off and promptly weed on towel that was on floor. She looked rather mutinous and pleased with herself. I just said "ok, next time we'll try to use potty" is that the right sort of thing to say? I feel like such a novice.

Bibbitybobbityhat you mentioned about making potty time something you 'do' which I totally agree with- how firm would you be? Just want to get it right without putting dd off.

We are not even attempting night time training at the moment.

Will be taking potty out and about but what do you do about protecting car seat?

mudpuddle Sun 21-Aug-11 18:16:34

Also forgot to mention that dd is very, very small and petite. should i expect that to make any difference with potty training, i.e for it to take longer as she may not have much bladder capacity?

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 21-Aug-11 19:05:56

Forget about night times! Just completely forget about it, a pull-up is fine and if questioned you can say "you wear a pull up at night because you have to go all through the night without a visit to the potty!!".

During the day you just need to be matter of fact about it. Not firm or strict, just something you do. Like eating or sleeping. Non-negotiable. Don't worry that this will mean your dd needs you to give her cues to go to the toilet longer term, because it won't.

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 21-Aug-11 19:08:08

For car seat get those pampers changing mat thingies (do they still do them?) and fold double. Or an old towel or two that you rinse in the bath in the case of accidents and then hot wash.

pointydog Sun 21-Aug-11 19:24:50

yeah, sound slike you can go for it

mudpuddle Mon 22-Aug-11 17:19:47

Second day of potty training today and it was DD's nursery day. They followed same routine as us. No wees at all on the potty and 5 accidents almost straight after 'trying' on potty. Will have to regroup and try and summon some enthusiasm for tomorrow! Oh the joys...

LiliPinkiePie Mon 22-Aug-11 21:51:22

When I started potty training my charge (just 2 weeks ago, the words uh-oh still send a cold chill down my spine!) she got very stroppy at being asked to sit on the potty, and often refused. So I set a timer on my phone to play music every 15 mins.
Whenever the music started I'd exclaim "Oh! It's the potty song! Quick, on your potty"
She would get on the potty without any fuss at all, and now and then we would catch a wee and I'd make a huge fuss over how clever she was. 2 days later I set the alarm for every 30 mins, and the next day for every hour.
She's clean and dry without an alarm or prompting now, but she does sometimes ask for the potty song!

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