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Is he ready or not

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turtle23 Sat 20-Aug-11 12:43:41

DS2 is 21 months. Has been running around nappyless for two days and has had a few wees on floor but when you put him on potty he usually does a wee. One of sizeable size. Poos I need to catch him after a meal and make him sit and he doesnt mind doing it but has pooed on floor a bit. He did bring potty up the stairs to me while i ran the bath once and did a wee on the potty while i was in the shower. Apparently he woke exH up 3 times for a wee last night.
Sounds ready? But on the other hand if he is doing ANYTHING else he doesnt realise he is weeing all over the floor. Would you keep going? He's so little I know it will take a bit...unlike DS1 who just decided at 2y10 and never had an accident...but he just doesnt know he's pooing til he's doing it and is not able to do wees unless he's concentrating...

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