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How would you approach second try at potty training?

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indigo123 Thu 18-Aug-11 13:42:17

Hi, our DD was 29 months when I had a try at potty training. I was following an approach that aimed to do it in 7 days but that didn't work. So this is what we did first time around:
-Got her used to the potty for a couple of weeks by first sitting her on it in clothes then sitting on it a couple of times a day with no nappy. She did a few poos in potty but no wees so I thought she was ready to start potty training
-put her on the potty every half an hour for 5-10 mins
-sticker and smarties as rewards plus lots of praise
After 4 days she only managed one pee in potty (poos were OK) and she started holding in her wee for hours then going on the floor

So I thought maybe she wasn't ready and have left it completely for a few months.

My question is what do you think I should do differently second time round?

Thanks for any advice-I found it really stressful and need to relax a bit for the next try I think.

indigo123 Mon 22-Aug-11 13:00:55


mckenzie Mon 22-Aug-11 13:09:12

hi indigo123, it was quite a while ago that I was at this stage but I didn;t want your psot to go unnoticed.
The first thign that struck me was your DD's erfusal to wee. Could it be the noise that it makes when her wee reaches the bottom fo the potty? Maybe try lining the potty with paper to stop that happening. Persoanlly, we didn't use a potty at all but went straight to the toilet because then the DCs could be like mummy and daddy. Is that an option?
You being relaxed though i think will be the biggest key to the success this time round. And personally, i'm a big believer that if you toilet train at 2 it will take a year and if you toilet train at 3 it will take a day. Maybe not completely true but the underlying meaning i think is so true. If your Dd is ready, you'll know quite quickly and if she's not? Well no harm done, stick the clothes int he wash and try again.

FWIW, I also with both of mine, kept them fully clothed (ie no running naked in the garden while toilet training) as I wanted them to feel the unpleasnt sensation of damp clothes if they didn't make it to the toilet on time. Sticker charts or chocolate buttons at the early staged are worth doing imo.

Good luck.

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