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is (nearly 5) DS still ok to be in pull-ups at night?

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TheBlackPanther Wed 17-Aug-11 21:55:48

He is my first so i dont know whats normal and whats not.
He is a deep sleeper and is showing absolutely no sign of being ready.
He wont wake up easily for me to take him to the potty and his nappy is full in the morning.
I have tried taking him to the toilet b4 bed AND cutting down his drinks but nothing works.
I feel like i should be trying harder to help him but i don't know how, its making me feel anxiousblush
Any suggestions?

madhattershouse Wed 17-Aug-11 21:59:07

My dd was in pull ups till she was 5 and a half. She was a heavy sleeper and simply was unable to manage to stay dry. I just left it, they are ready when they re ready. She's been dry now for over 6 months now but there have been a few minor accidents. Nothing much can be done till they are over 7, or 9 in some areas, so just leave it be. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.

culturevulture Wed 17-Aug-11 21:59:18

Yes, completely normal. Some children just take longer, I don't think it is particularly connected to age. I am sure you will find that there a lot of much older children using pull ups

ceebeegeebies Wed 17-Aug-11 21:59:59

Yes it is - I have no links to research but I believe (from what I have read on here and elsewhere) that the ability to be dry at night is triggered by a particular hormone which kicks in anytime up to the age of 7. Until that hormone kicks in, you are wasting your time trying to 'train' your DS to be dry at night.

Ds1 was 4.5 and consistently had wet pull-ups every single day he woke up and it was dry, and then again the next night and the next night and so on so we tried him without his pull-up on and he has never had an accident in bed (that was about 7 months ago now) - no training required!

Bintata Wed 17-Aug-11 22:00:12

Its ok, my DD is just turned 5 and is still in pull ups at night too. I know of two other girls in her class who are also in pull ups and that is only because I know the mums fairly well.

You need to just go with the flow so to speak. I know it is hard, I have also thought maybe I am doing something wrong and that DD should be dry at night by now, but she is just not ready. It will happen, be patient.

madhattershouse Wed 17-Aug-11 22:00:58

I have to say that of my 4 kids she really is the only one that did this, and by far the heaviest sleeper ( the others create world war 3 and she's still snoring!).

BerryLellow Wed 17-Aug-11 22:08:22

My eldest son is still like this at 5.9

He had a spell of being dry for about a month, not sure how, but it came to am end for no reason as well.

At the moment we lift him before we go to bed and mostly he will be dry in the mornings. If he's a bit unwell this all goes to pot though. I let him have a pull over if we are staying out somewhere or someone stays over so he's not embarrassed by wet sheets or clothes.

Hopeful that the magic hormones will kick in soon, but he's such a deep sleeper he doesn't wake when yet.

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