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Potty training...Night waking because of wet nappy......Please HELP!

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Canistaysane Wed 17-Aug-11 11:13:05

I am trying to potty train dd at the mo, she is 2yrs 8months. She is waking up at silly o'clock cause she has wet her nappy, then she won't go back to sleep after we have changed her. been up since 4.00am. are there Nightime nappies that will help with this? at the mo we are just using Pull ups..
Very tired! please help.sad

NellyTheElephant Wed 17-Aug-11 20:24:44

Have you tried lifting her before you go to bed? I know not everyone agrees with lifting and I didn't do it with either of my DDs, but then they were perfectly happy in a night nappy. DS wasn't, and like your DD would wake up in the early hours (whether or not he had a nappy on) and jump out of bed and cause trouble as he wanted a wee. So I started lifting him (put a potty in his room next to the bed so I could just pick him up, pop him on and then straight back into bed) and that solved it. As his nappy was then always dry in the morning we ditched that too. A couple of months later I decided to try a few nights without lifting and he was totally fine, so now he is nappy free at night way sooner than either of my girls were (not that that matters - I'm just telling you by way of illustrating that in my experience lifting neither encourages children to become dependent on it nor interferes with their ability to become dry at night without intervention)

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