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DD 2.8 able to poo & wee in potty but so not interested in doing so on regular basis

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yawningbear Fri 12-Aug-11 09:23:42

A couple of months ago it seemed that DD might be ready so after getting some really helpful advice on here we went for it, had some accidents and some successes at home but after lots of accidents at nursery and DD asking to wear her nappy again, at suggestion of nursery we decided to leave it for a while. Since then DD has frequently remarked how much she loves her nappy, on one occasion when I said it needed changed as it looked very full of wee she retorted "but I like it full of wee wee's, it very comfy"grin. Last two baths she has had she told me she thought she was going to do a poo, managed to get her out and on potty and she has proudly produced two poo's and took great delight flushing them away. However she has then been desperate for a nappy, despite being rewarded for the poo's! So it seems she can do it physically but mentally/emotionally just isn't ready yet. Also pretty relevant I would think is that we have a 6 month old DS who DD is madly jealous of and currently one of her favourite games is pretending to be a baby herself. Has anyone else had a similiar experience, and should I really try and encourage her to give it another go or just wait a while longer? TIA

Katiebeau Fri 12-Aug-11 16:52:34

I have no advice but just want to say you are not alone. My DD 2.5 can also do it when she wants to but is determined it's not for her doing it full time. She is happy with nappies it seems. Sigh - we tried "cold turkey" with nappies for 4 (or was it 6 weeks) and she started refusing to do anything on the potty/toilet. I am due in 11 weeks so we decided not to push it. Too much going on. I do understand your frustration though. It drives me nuts - she could do it if she wanted to!!!! Maybe someone with more expertise can help us!

yawningbear Fri 12-Aug-11 20:05:40

Thanks Katiebeau, tis good to know we are not alone. I think I have no choice but to leave it just now really as DD is a determined wee soul and I don't fancy doing battle with her over the potty! I suppose I need to think of ways to make it all more appealing. Good luck, it is very frustrating and I can totally appreciate that you would want to get it sorted beofre the LO comes along.

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