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Thoughts on this please?

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belindarose Thu 11-Aug-11 09:09:35

I've been training DD (2 next week) for about 9 days. Before this, she'd had a potty around and would sometimes sit on it for stories and have a wee. She is very verbal. We've had some success with both wees and poos, a few wees on the floor and usually both in naptime nappy. I've been rewarding with choc buttons which she is finding highly motivating as it's the only time she's had them! Since yesterday, she's started doing a tiny wee, waiting till after the button, then doing some more. Up to 4 times per wee! I've obviously encouraged her to sit back on and try to finish, but no way will she agree to that!

This suggests to me that she is physically ready for all this as she has good control. This morning I split the choc buttons so she only had a sliver for each tiny wee. Is this a common phase? Thanks.

belindarose Fri 12-Aug-11 15:07:17

She's still doing this. Great control! Anyone think it's worth addressing or should I just carry on encouraging to stay longer but reward the tiny wees? I've got her to sit for a recitation of whatever that minute's current favourite nursery rhyme is after each dribble, but she still won't wee anymore until after the button!

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