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Where do we go from here?

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brachy Wed 10-Aug-11 22:04:10

Last week, my DS (22 months) took such an interest in the toilet that we went out and bought him a potty. He has spent the last 3 days in just a t-shirt and is using the potty fairly successfully. He can pee if we ask him to and a few times has taken himself to the potty for a wee. Poo wise, he asks for a nappy, but then when placed on the pot, he will produce. I put him in a cloth nappy to go to the shops ( 2 hour trip) and he was dry the whole time. I've not used many cloth nappies with him so I thought I'd class them as 'special pants' so he isn't confused by a pull up. We've rewarded every success with a small choc button, so he will ask for a button as soon as he has been!
So now what do we do? He isn't overly verbal but seems to be developing a sensation that he needs to pee/poo. Do we carry on? Is he ready for pants full time? Is he too young? I guess a little travel potty would be handy for out and about. At what point do I stop reminding him to sit on the potty?
Sorry for all the questions, I wasn't quite ready for his interest!

EggyAllenPoe Wed 10-Aug-11 22:14:46

well done little lad smile keep going - - try putting pants on him directly after he has been for a wee, and just use your judgement about how often he needs reminding and offering a potty- it is really easy for little ones to forget! if he is prepared to wee when offered the choccy B, even better. kiddies don't need to be verbal to show they need to go - mine used to run to the stairgate, or make a hand-sign, daughter used to just wiggle until taken!

sounds like a great start .

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