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Jungle book knickers

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vanillacinamon Wed 10-Aug-11 10:45:07

OK, about to take a fortnight annual leave from work to try to potty train my 2.5 year old girl, nursery staff are trying but not really focused on the task (maybe fair enough).
discussing this with my daughter at bathtime last night and trying to instil in her some excitement about what is involved, she asked for "jungle book knickers" - looked on the disney store and i dont think they exist - does anyone know differently and if you know where i can get them please could you post.
Also if you have used a portable potty and you rate it please let me know, i am thinking of investing in one. Hope i can manage to do this in a fortnight....
thanks in anticipation

girlywhirly Wed 10-Aug-11 14:34:57

Oh dear, I don't think Jungle book pants exist either! Have you tried ebay?

Re: portable potty, people either love them or think they're a waste of money. I found ours very useful in the early stages of training, they take up less room even when set up (which is what I did when out, quicker than fiddling to unfold it and then getting the DC out of the buggy, pants down etc) The disposable liners are very useful, as they absorb liquid and you don't have to find somewhere to empty as with a normal potty. You could line a normal potty with a pedal bin liner and a value sanitary pad for a fraction of the cost of the potette liners, but you would still have the bulky potty to cart around. I also took it on holiday and it was handy when all loos were engaged, and by the hotel pool, as the loos were nowhere near, and 3yo DS had a runny tummy!

Another use for the potette for older DC is in case of travel sickness, or a poorly child. I took ours with then 6yo DS in the car to the Dr surgery, although he didn't need it we were glad to have it just in case. We just had the original one (many years ago!) but the potette plus that converts to a toilet seat as well looks really good. Sometimes DC don't like using public loos, and having their own seat can sometimes make this easier.

vanillacinamon Wed 10-Aug-11 15:49:48

thanks for your reply girly, this has given me lots to think about on the portable potty front

flyingintheattic Wed 24-Aug-11 23:47:33

Can you get one of those iron on transfer things and a pair of plain pants?

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