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Weeing on way to potty...too young?

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Dumhead Tue 09-Aug-11 20:55:32

I've been potty training DD1 for nearly 4 days now and she's been doing pretty well with most wees and all poos in the potty. The only trouble is she always seems to have started weeing on the way to the potty. I'm not sure whether this means she hasn't developed the muscle control needed for potty training yet (she's only 20 months) or if this is fairly normal in the first few days?

She can go about 3 to 4 hours between wees and doesn't wee during naps, so I would have thought this means she has pretty good control??? Very new to all this!! confused

girlywhirly Wed 10-Aug-11 09:11:23

If you mean she dribbles a bit and then holds on until she's on the potty, I'd say it's normal in the early stages of training. If she just keeps weeing, she probably hasn't quite got used to the signal that tells her she needs a wee and being able to hold on. However, the times between wees are impressive! I think that the fact she is so willing to use the potty is brilliant.

Does she tell you she needs the potty, do you help her or does she sit herself there, or are you putting her on it at intervals? If you aren't already doing this, have the potty close by during training, especially for a very young child. You have a very short time I found between the announcement of 'potty!' and getting the DC on it before a flood.

Dumhead Wed 10-Aug-11 20:56:02

Thanks girlywhirly - yes, it usually is more of a dribble and then she starts again on the potty. She usually shouts 'wee wee' or 'poopy' whilst running to the potty (I don't put her on the potty myself anymore as she never seemed to go when I tried that). Unfortunately we've had a big regression today with virtually nothing ending up in the potty! I was sort of expecting it though as she spent most of the day with MIL yesterday when I had to go to work and ended up in a nappy from about 10:00am onwards following a wee on the carpet which made her quite upset (DD not MIL!). So I've decided to go back to nappies for a couple of weeks as she seemed to be getting a bit stressed by it all today - I think mine and MIL's conflicting approaches have managed to really confuse her, poor thing.

I'll definitely be booking a week off work when I start again!

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