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First I doing it right?

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bangorbelle Mon 08-Aug-11 15:07:41

Today is the first day of potty training my DS who is 2yrs 6mths. I have been taking him to the potty every half hour and so far he has done a good few wee's in his potty and has had no accidents. The longest time in between wees was about 2.5 hrs! Should I continue with every half hour or could i extend that now? Also, he hasn't asked to go to the potty or taken himself yet, is that something that he should start doing soon?

Mummystootired Mon 08-Aug-11 16:13:32

Hello can I join you on the journey? My dd is 2yrs 8mths and I started trying to potty train today. I put her in pants from about 9.00am till 11.30am. and she did nothing at all. I had to put a nappy on her for the afternoon as we went out. Have just taken nappy off looked like she had weed in it. I put pants on her but she keeps trying to take them off. She has got them off.
You are doing well to get some wees on potty already.
As for the rest of your questions I'm not sure what you should do.

girlywhirly Mon 08-Aug-11 16:14:11

If he can hold on for a reasonable time, you can ask him to tell you when he needs the potty. My DS nursery got the DC to say 'potty!!' loudly, so that they would be heard by staff who would then help them. Keep the potty close by, so that you don't have a big rush to get wherever it is and risk an accident.

bangorbelle Mon 08-Aug-11 16:32:20

Thanks for your replies smile Yes tootired, it would be good to have support and compare notes. DS was doing really well until he drank a big cup of water this afternoon. He said 'mummee i want to do peepees on the poteeeeee!', so I popped him on but after 10 mins he had done nothing so I took him off. Needless to say, within 5 minutes he had peed all over the floor! But he soon redeemed himself when I popped him back on the potty, He did a massive poo! So far am pretty pleased with how he has done today. Your DD must have good control if she managed 2+ hours without peeing or pooing smile.

Mummystootired Mon 08-Aug-11 19:50:41

Hi bangorbelle Do you want to join me on the "About to start potty training -
who wants to join me thread" There are lots of mums on there all going through similar things. I'm fairly sure they won't mind if you join the thread too. Its up to you. but I didn't think it made sense to be on two threads with the same topic.
Typing the same thing twice if you see what I mean. Hope you don't mind.

bangorbelle Mon 08-Aug-11 20:42:19

Righto, will do smile.

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