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How to potty train..When your out & about??

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Melodysmum Mon 08-Aug-11 11:16:58

Hi all,
Melody is now 2.5 years and we've been potty training for about a fortnight now, and shes doing really well, weeing and pooing on toilet & potty, but I dont really know how to go about potty training when we go shopping or somewhere.
I tend to take the dog on the park and put her a nappy on, and in the car. But around the house she just wears her pants, and thats the same on the garden. But now its getting a bit chilly outside, I cant always put her in a skirt to make things easier!! Can someone please give me some advice on how to crack this please. Thankx, Michelle

girlywhirly Mon 08-Aug-11 14:29:51

A lot of people persuade their DC to use potty/loo before going out, and again at the destination. If she's pretty good now, you could risk pants in the car with a plastic carrier topped with an old towel on the car seat. Same in buggy, or get a specialist pad (buppy pad or similar) You could put same in shopping trolley seat to absorb an accident.

You can take a small potty with you on outings, if only a wee empty in drain or on grass/ flowerbed etc. If poo, take some bits of kitchen roll and a plastic carrier or nappy sack, tip into bag and dispose in dog poo bin. Or get a potette which uses the plastic-bag-with-absorbent-pad which you can just dispose of. Or just line the ordinary potty with the plastic bag and kitchen roll pad. Don't forget loo roll/wipes! And spare clothes.

To be honest, if your DD is good at asking for the potty, you shouldn't have much bother. Some DC are actually better when out than at home, if you offer plenty of toilet opportunities when out you should have very few accidents.

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