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won't wear nappy, won't use potty (2.6) how to proceed?

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rhetorician Fri 05-Aug-11 14:46:58

DD is 2.6 and we had an unsuccessful attempt at potty training about 2 weeks ago. We decided to leave it until she was ready (e.g. had some notion that she was about to wee). But she is a smart cookie and now has the idea, but not the control IYSWIM: she just did a poo in her nappy and then had a massive tantrum because she wanted to do it (or more precisely 'to have done it' in the potty. And then completely refused to wear a nappy even though I know that at some point in the next hour she will wee all over the floor. She will not sit on the potty for long enough to do a wee and has never yet successfully done a wee in it. She has managed to poo in it.

I'd be happy enough not to do anything, except for the fact that she is now incredibly frustrated by the fact that she wants to have knickers and use the potty, but actually doesn't have the capacity to do so. I really wish we'd never given it a go as she is not the kind of child who will just forget all about it.

What to do? It's driving us all insane!

plantsitter Sun 21-Aug-11 15:13:56

bump for you - and me! We have exactly the same prob!

Gonzo33 Sun 21-Aug-11 17:37:46

I have the same problem too. Anyone got any advice?

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