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Carpet 3 - Potty 0

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SurelyNotMe Thu 04-Aug-11 21:04:58

DD is 2.7 and until very recently has shown NO signs of wanting to potty train. Then in the last week or so she has started talking about it, saying "oh mummy I'm weeing" (in her nappy), asking to go to the toilet. I thought these were very clear signs, so let her run around the house with no nappy. In less than an hour she had weed on the carpet 3 times but nothing in the potty/ toilet (despite sitting on them A LOT!).

Anyway, I have carried on taking her nappy off in the evenings when we are at home but she still hasn't weed anywhere other than the floor!. When I said to her "if you need a wee please sit on your potty so mummy doesn't have to clean the carpet" she replied "It's ok mummy, I'll wee in the bath"!! confused

Should I wait a bit longer or just go cold turkey and ditch the nappies? Think I might be confusing her by sometimes having a nappy on and sometimes not but I'm tempted to wait!!. No idea what I'm doing so any advice welcome smile

vincenta Fri 05-Aug-11 13:12:56

First of all try to ask her every 20 minutes.maybe she want to wee?
Because if toddler are playing ther are very busy and just forget that they need to wee and when it is time to wee there isn't time to go to potty.You can try like this(oh.sorry if you will think that this is tupid think to do, but to be honest it worked for us perfectly)
You can put her potty opposite toilet and told that mummy is going to do some wee, let do it together.
Who will be first?
something like funny game, she will know that she isn't alone.
hope it will be heplful!

SurelyNotMe Fri 05-Aug-11 20:43:57

Thanks vincenta, will definately try a game, she might like that. She has "gone" to the toilet a lot today but still nothing in the toilet.

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