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Am I getting anywhere?

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pullinghairout Tue 02-Aug-11 10:17:33

I recently decided to potty train DS who is 2.10 after he woke up a few mornings dry after 10/11 hours sleep. He even came in to me in the morning with potty in hand sat on it fully clothed and wanted to use it, so thought great i'll try and see how he goes, so he did a wee.

Since then we have been putting him on the potty every hour or so and nearly everytime he does either a wee or poo, we have put pants on him, but his speech is poor and doesnt really ask to use it.

He went to nursery yesterday and we put him in pull ups cos we have to walk half an hour back with him and didnt want him to have an accident, but the nursery staff only put him on it once in 2.5 hours and he didnt do anything and he instead wee'd in his pull up.

Since then he has had constant accidents, and im now wondering whether we should have started as he hasnt ever been bothered by a wet nappy, and he does have GDD too, so maybe we started too soon?

p99gmb Tue 02-Aug-11 19:52:07

I think he's made a fab start... but is now confused...

I had to ditch 'pull ups' - I think they are too confusing... we are Day 8 today (he's 2.4) and every wee & every poo in the potty/toilet... we are having him 'bare bum' tho - gone seriously cold turkey - not even a nappy at bed time and he's been dry 2 nights on the run, & used the potty in his room for a wee & a poo

I think you have to let them have accidents... its inconvenient I know - but its how they learn...

I would carry on - whenever possible bare bum - let him have accidents, encourage sitting on potty at regular times - and when he has got the hang of it, like me you'll need to introduce underpants, or just loose fitting pants that they can pull down themselves...

Good luck!!

pullinghairout Mon 08-Aug-11 14:27:12


Carried on and he seems to be doing well having few accidents but there is more in the potty than on my floor anyway!

He just came to me and said 'wee-wee' and walked over to his potty and did a huge wee. So think he is now realising that he cant wee in his pants (not doing anymore clothes than that yet - too scared!)

Only thing at the moment is when he is playing outside with cousins he forgets himself and wee's but im guessing that will come later and will have to keep taking him to potty.

He will also wee on the big toilet, not bothered by this so thats good also.

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