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Help! Potty training advice needed (on day 5 and don't know whether to continue)

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Welshygirl Mon 01-Aug-11 13:34:19

DS is 2.4 and I decided to start potty training him on Thursday (am off work for a few weeks now so thought it would be convenient and he seemed fairly ready).
Day 1 managed 3 wees in potty (I took him every half hour) and one accident.

Day 2 about 3 accidents and one wee in potty.

Day 3 started off well with one wee in potty and then he started to get really fed up with the whole process, I gave up and put a nappy on him in the afternoon.

Day 4 breakthrough, he went on the potty 3 times of his own accord and the rest of his wees were in nappy at sleep time.

Day 5 he will wee in potty at home of own accord when has no pants on but seems to think pants are like a nappy and will wee in them. I have been using the Bright Bots training pants when we are out which he will also wee in.

Any advice/ Should I give up or does it sound like we are making enough progress? Any idea what to do about the no pants thing?

girlywhirly Mon 01-Aug-11 17:27:56

Have you thought of putting baggy shorts on him, looser than pants, and the flapping fabric might remind him he has nothing to catch an accident!

mrsm123 Mon 01-Aug-11 17:40:36

i don't know if I can advise you but rather share my experience with potty training my kids. i'd say boys and girls are different for some reason. my son was almost 3 before i fully trained him. he picked it up no bother at that time but i struggled before then with him. my daughter on the other hand picked it up really quickly by the time she was 2.
possibly leave it just now and try again in a few months? up to you. good luck.

HackneyCabbage Tue 02-Aug-11 08:48:10

Sounds like he's doing pretty well and having successes which is good. Best advice I heard was to think of it like when they were learning to walk. Lots of trying and toppling over until they got it. Not making a big deal when they fall over (have accidents) and giving lots of praise when they get it right. Ie focus on successes rather than failures. One of the things that has really helped for us is watching potty training films on youtube with DD - so she can see other kids using the toilet/potty. and milky bar buttons/ stickers for success (quite a relief to count up the stickers at the end of the week to see she'd actually made some progress from refusing to wee on the toilet at all!).

totallyupskittled Tue 02-Aug-11 10:21:50

I don't have any advice but we are in exactly the same place and I am wondering whether to carry on too. DS (2.7) has been potty training since last thursday at home and at nursery. Started off well going on potty unprompted but now he seems fed up with it and won't sit when reminded, even when he's hopping up and down needing to go! He absolutely refused to sit on it this morning when he needed to and then did a poo in his pants! But yesterday he managed two wees in the potty. We're doing stickers and treats as rewards but he doesn't seem that bothered about earning them. Will it click or do we just stop and try again later. Hard to know, isn't it.

Pelvicflooragogo Tue 02-Aug-11 10:24:53

I've been given the advice that you go cold turkey (if that's not a horrific mental image with flapping boy bits wink ) and only put nappies on at night. Ideally have them bare bottom half when you're at home so they get immediate feedback if they wee etc. I bought some pull-ups but haven't been using them (day 3). May save them for night use. Keep the faith! Some kids take a lot longer than others and if you're getting fed up with it after a fortnight (arbitrary made up period of time) stop and try again in three months' time. Or wait for DS to tell you... Mine didn't but was getting mroe up for using the potty or toilet. Still hasn't deliberately pooed in either though - waited for nappy! Kind of relieved...

Welshygirl Tue 02-Aug-11 14:10:17

Thanks for all your advice everyone. I decided to carry on as he seemed to have really got it yesterday (day 5).

After one accident in the morning, all his other wees (and even one poo) were in the potty (mostly of his own accord). He even asked for the potty twice at night whilst he was wearing a nappy! He seems to be managing to go without when we are out (even though I have taken him to the potty) and saving it for when we get home (must have a camel bladder).

Have yet to get him to manage to pull his own pants down yet but as long as he tells me when he wants to go that is ok. My only worryis that he is ill today and has quite a high temperature so not the best time for new things.

Welshygirl Wed 03-Aug-11 09:25:28

Day 6 and only one (poo) accident. He is so keep to wee in potty now that last night he took off his nappy, weed in the potty and then spilt it all over himself carrying it to his bedroom door to show us (lovely!). He is also upset that he had weed in his nappy this morning. Fingers crossed that he has it sussed now.

Pelvicflooragogo Wed 03-Aug-11 09:39:18

Great work that man! It's really exciting isn't it? Brave new era. She says while washing a load for the second time as a lump of turd fell out of the "clean" lot. blush

I feel so proud of my little boy when he does things for the first time - he did a wee in a cafe loo yesterday which I'd put a travel fold out loo seat on and he didn't bat an eyelid about it. What a little legend grin!

Yes not sure what to do about night-times too - I think the advice is to do daytimes properly then try nights but it does send out mixed messages doesn't it?

Welshygirl Wed 03-Aug-11 11:01:12

Yes it is very exciting (expect for the poo cleaning!).

Which travel toilet seat do you have? was thinking about getting one or a travel potty for out and about but not sure which to get.

Pelvicflooragogo Thu 04-Aug-11 21:49:07

We have a toodle-loo (sp?) which is just a small fold out loo seat. Lots of people rave about potettes which can be potty or loo seat and you can buy absorbable inners for. How's it been? We've had a mixed day. Wees still going well but he's done a couple of smeary tiny poos and sure he's holding it in, worried he'll get constipated. sad

Pelvicflooragogo Fri 05-Aug-11 14:43:42

No need to worry about constipation. Had two more smallish smear/poo (Smoo?) combos then actual poo in pants.

Not sure how to get him to poo on loo/ potty. With both he's very keen to get off quickly. and before he goes into a separate room to poo in his nappy. Have tried leaving him to it on the loo with a book but he soon gets fed up.

Maybe in front of tv on potty? He's quite tall so it's not that comfy...

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