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DD2 starts nursery in Sept, still not potty trained and i'm stressing. :(

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zelda1982 Sun 31-Jul-11 17:16:16

Dd2 was 3 in June. I've been potty training since just before (had to stop a few times when it was stressing me out and wait a few weeks) Now in just over 5 weeks she will start nursery (5 half days) and i'm not sure what to do. The last few weeks i went totally cold turkey with nappies (except night) She can be dry in the house all day if she is bottomless and most of the day if she has knickers on. (1 or 2 accidents) but if she gets engrossed in something then she will just wet herself.

WHen out and about she will either wet herself or hold it in til i either put a nappy on her (dont want her getting a pain) or til we get home. I've tried bribing, praise, telling off, telling her she cant go to nursery if she can't go to the toilet.
Will nursery allow nappies? or should i just let her wet herself there? I haven't really had a 1-1 chat with nursery it was just like an open day and i didnt want to talk about it in front of the other parents.

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