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A few questions.......

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TheWolfpack Thu 28-Jul-11 09:54:03

Hi everyone

Currently on day 3 of potty training with 3.0yo ds after having failed attempts at 2.0 and 2.6.

IMO he is doing really well. From day 1 he has been taking himself to the potty when he needs, which is great, but......if I put pants on him (rather than bare bottom), he seems to see it as a bit of a security blanket and wets himself. Any tips on how to get past this? Do I just let him continually wet until her gets the idea?

Also, there doesn't seem to be any consistency with the timing. He can go for over an hour and be dry, but last night he had a wee just before dinner, so we sat him at the table straight after, and 10 minutes later he wet himself. Will this improve in time?

And also really need to go out to supermarket today - what do you do when you are out in a shop if they have an accident? blush and apologise? Or should I be staying housebound for a few more days?

<going crazy stuck in here>

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