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Training Pants which kind?

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PrincessTwolyilah Wed 27-Jul-11 22:21:20

Hi All

I'm keen on using training pants for my LO while potty training. However I'm not sure which kind to go for.

I bought one Bright Bot training pant but was disappointed by the sizing (its too small around the leg area even for a large size which is recommend for a 2 -2.5 year old). Im not sure if the XL size would be a better fit around the leg area? As anyone used BRIGHT BOTS if so how did you get on with them?

Would anyone recommend alternative training pants that they tried and tested and where I can get them from?

Thanks in advance

Eveiebaby Sun 31-Jul-11 21:14:52

I used Bright Bots and I found them good but DD is slightly on the small side so the sizing was not an issue. They will not hold a really heavy pee well but they do give you a chance to get to the loo once you realize yor DC needs to! and if it's only a smallish wee they will hold that and outer clothing will not get wet. I have not used any others so I can't recommend an alternative.

hayleyscomet Sun 14-Aug-11 19:35:48

Bambino Mio are great

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