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About to start potty training - who want to join me?

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StoneBaby Wed 27-Jul-11 20:08:08

After reading the AIBU thread about potty training, I thought, I'll start a support thread.
I'm about to start training this week with the help of my mum blush and DS not at nursery.
Who care to join me to share (and not judge) our experiences and successes?

LoopyLoopsTootyFroots Wed 27-Jul-11 20:11:17

Maybe... but I'm scared...

p99gmb Thu 28-Jul-11 08:13:58

Count me in... I have made a start this week... bare bums he's fine - sits on potty but with any type of 'comfort' around him - underpants/trousers he 'forgets' and just does it...

I don't use training pants - I think its too confusing... so this week we've had wee & poo in his pants twice and a big poo on the potty...

No nappies even at bed (shock horror) - but I can cope with wee - he hasn't poo'd (no pants - bare bum) so it gives us a fighting chance during the day... he's 2.4 but his sister is only 9 mths older so he is well aware of potty's etc etc...

Today is another day... promise of McDonalds if he stays dry/clean.. given myself 2 weeks to see if we can make any improvements...

And you stonebaby... ?

TheWolfpack Thu 28-Jul-11 10:43:16

I'm in!

I'd posted a separate thread asking a few questions so if I get any answers I'll transfer it to here.

Currently training DS 3.0y and we are on day 3.

p99gmb Thu 28-Jul-11 19:31:10

Hi guys.. just reporting in and seeing how your day went..

We had bare bum all day and lots of wee's and finally, noticed him looking uncomfortable at around 5pm - sat him on potty and whey hey.. a very smelly poo!!!

So, just the small issue of getting him not to do it in his pants.... arrggghh

How was your day guys? smile

LoopyLoopsTootyFroots Thu 28-Jul-11 19:43:27

I've given up. sad

Wee on carpet - dealt with. Poo all over everything - got cleaned up OK, but she was sore, and firmly believed it was due to the lack of nappy. I'm going to try again when she's forgotten all about it.

StoneBaby Sat 30-Jul-11 21:19:39

I haven't managed to start yet, not playing chicken but didn't get the time as yet!
But I'll probably be able to give it a go tomorrow...

StoneBaby Sat 30-Jul-11 21:20:38

Loopy don't give up. It is messy but it'll be worth it at the end. Think no more nappies!!! Good luck

Dysgu Sat 30-Jul-11 23:20:16

Can I join you? I was going to start with DD2 (aged 2.7yo) last Thursday when they finished with the childminder for the summer - but then delayed as we have relatives visiting early next week.

However, all the preparatory talking and sitting on the potty at nappy-change time as obviously sunk in as DD2 put herself into a pair of her newly-purchased knickers this afternoon and seems to have decided it's time to start potty training!

DD1 is very excited! It was she who noticed DD2 doing a wee and called out so I grabbed the potty in time to whip down pants (of DD2!) and plonk her on in time for DD1 to add, "there's a poo coming!" so we had a success straight away!

DD2 was not impressed at putting a nappy on for bed but I insisted.

Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow - DD2 seemed sure at bedtime that there would be no nappies tomorrow. If she sticks with it then I guess we have started potty training!

StoneBaby Sun 31-Jul-11 18:34:27

I was aiming to put DS bare bum today but unfortunately a fever made me postponed it.

Dysgu well done on your DD1 and you working together smile

Dysgu Sun 31-Jul-11 19:33:21

Not sure how long I am going to be able to stick this out - but I think things might be easier tomorrow as DP is back to work! He finds it hard to hang around the house so we have been out and about most of the day!

Of course, DP makes it harder as he always has to cause a battle to get DD2 on the potty whereas DD1 and I just make it into a game! He was also the one to tell her that DD1's potties were uncomfy and so now she will only sit on 'her' potty which we now have to carry around the house!

DD2 decided she was going to wear pants again today - again, one poo in the potty but all wee has been down her legs! We even bought her a new potty from Mothercare - 3 for 2 offer so it cost nothing even though we still have the 3 potties (one for each floor in the house) from when we did this all with DD1 a couple of years ago!

Roll on tomorrow!

p99gmb Sun 31-Jul-11 20:29:30

Day 7 (i think.. ) - bare bum still, but every wee on the potty and 3 poo's.. yey..

ok, so a bit came out on the way to the potty and it went on the carpet, he wiped his bum on his sisters bed .. but other than that at least I didn't stand in it today!!

Guess I've got to risk pants at some stage soon...

I am training DS1 who is just 3. He does every wee on the potty as long as he has a bare bum, and today he did his first poo on the potty - having deposited one on the carpet for DH to clear up yesterday morning grin

I tried him with pants on on Friday but he pooed in them and also wee'd in them so that was a bit of a disaster. I might try again with them tomorrow, we can't stay at home forever with him running about naked!!

Pelvicflooragogo Mon 01-Aug-11 21:04:33

Me too please! day 2 with my just 3 DS1. Nakedness and pants only yesterday - including nap time and in the car eeks! But all relatively fine - the odd wetness etc but several wees on potty and one giant poo in night nappy. At nursery today and 7 wees on potty and another one at home.

We're waiting in fear for the big pooey pants - what do you do with them? And not sure how much gear to carry around - don't really fancy carrying a potty around - might just take the convertible loo seat thingy which you pop on top of normal toilet seats and see how we go.

At what point do you teach boys to wee standing up?

p99gmb Mon 01-Aug-11 21:22:12

Mine is 2.4 and if i 'hold it he will do a wee standing up - it did help that he saw a slightly older boy doing it against a tree and he then wanted to try and since then whey hey..

In a week he has done amazing - he had 2 poos on the toilet today, 2 in a potty - all wee's in the potty - we went out for DH's birthday and I chickened out and put pull ups on him (no, not DH!) - he stayed dry and even had a poo in the restaurant toilet...

Ready to venture out into the big bad world tomorrow hmm

bootus Mon 01-Aug-11 21:30:14

I'm in. First day today, dribbled on the floor this morning then NOTHING for ten hours, not one wee or poo (and this is a kid who poos 3 times a day!) Thing is he didn't seem to be witholding or uncomfy, was willingly sitting on potty or toilet (well cajoled a couple of times but by and large ok). Aaargh. Am totally at sea here.

Whenisitmysleepytime Tue 02-Aug-11 07:51:09

Can I join in too?

Ds is going to start on Thursday. (my mum is staying for 10 days so can help with dd while I help ds) smile

I've read the rules according to Cod on here ad am reading potty training for boys too.

Any other pearls of wisdom?

I am NOT looking forward to poo accidents as they always look so messy in his nappies!

Pelvicflooragogo Tue 02-Aug-11 10:20:55

I have a dilemma and would welcome thoughts. My DS is very very happy in his cotbed with the sides still on and we're very happy with that as it means he's caged in the evenings and mornings grin and not causing merry hell which I have every confidence will happen once released. He also shares his room with DD (18mths).

We're wondering whether just to go for it with nappies off at night-time too since he seems confused by having them on and is taking them off then doing a wee on his bed. Okay well this has only happened twice since he is day 3. But I guessing that would mean having to take the sides off his bed so he has access to the loo etc? I suspect he's just testing boundaries/ rules and finding it a good way to have more interaction. We're not really in a rush with nappies at night - just not sure how to approach it?


p99gmb Tue 02-Aug-11 20:11:29

Very similar situation to us.... (day 8 today)

Just moved him (2.4) into toddler bed - no nappy on at all - just a bare bum as struggles with taking pants off - potty near bed - and wow!! 2 mornings on the run a huge poo in the potty..

Shares a bedroom with his sister (3.2) and yes, this has caused us some hassle!! not sleeping, climbing into each others beds etc. etc...

Just the last 2 nights we now put him down in our bed - with a potty - and then move him when we go to bed into his own bed - so at least they are getting to sleep when they should but he wakes up in his own bed - has worked a treat!!

He was holding his poo's in until his bedtime nappy so had to get rid of them and so glad we went for it...

Go for it!!! smile

feralgirl Wed 03-Aug-11 11:46:05

Ohhhh, I'm teetering on the brink of all-out potty training with DS (2.8) but we've already had two failed attempts and I'm being a massive wuss about it.

He insists on wearing pants first thing in the morning but flatly refuses to use the loo or potty, ever. He'll sit on a potty and watch TV quite happily, but then he'll get up and promptly pee/ poo all over the floor. He wanders around clutching his bits, tells us that he needs to wee or poo and then howls when we put him on the pot. I am very confused by all his mixed mesasges!

I think I probably just need to man-up a bit. DC2 is dues in 5 weeks and I'd really like to not have two children in nappies at the same time!

noisylurker Wed 03-Aug-11 12:26:36

I'm lurking here because wondering whether to try with DS... a few signs that he might be ready but I'm not convinced and maybe he is a bit young reading this (just 2).

I'm in no rush so might give it a bit more time and research! Off to try and find the rules according to cod smile

LaaLaa11 Wed 03-Aug-11 20:11:26

Am sort of potty trainking my little one. She is 2 years and 1 month old, and the other week she actually asked me if she could do a poo-poo in the potty. And she did! I was gobsmacked. Did it 3 times that day, then nothing for a few days. Then a couple of days ago she asked to do a wee, and did. So I am leaving it to her to initiate, and then when it happens to reward that good behaviour. She also loves the fact she has a peppa pig potty! ;0)

Whenisitmysleepytime Wed 03-Aug-11 20:25:13

Well we tried this afternoon.

1 caught him unaware. Puddle
2 he did a bit, sat on potty but didn't wee, then finished off as soon as pants were on
3 realised he needed a wee just before he did it.
4 in the potty!!!! smile I needed to prompt him but he was v pleased!
5 in the bath told me he needed one so he I'd it in a cup to practice his aim.

Dh and my mum took their eyes off him and disaster! Dh freaked, so ds freaked too. Much screaming and mess ensued! hmm

He ended up pretty pleased with all the fuss and wants to try more pants tmrw.

I'm going to chalk today as progress but this is v hard work!

Dysgu Wed 03-Aug-11 22:53:40

We had friends over from the mainland today and went out to a farm/play barn for the day - so I chickened out and bought pull-ups for DD2. She was happy to wear them - they are pink and have princesses on!

However, she informed me when we got home that she will be wearing 'nik naks' tomorrow so we will get back on track.

We are using a sticker chart - small sticker for sitting on potty, medium for doing a wee in the potty and big sticker for a poo in the potty. She loves it and it helps me to keep track of how well she is doing when I have to mop up another accident!

We are usually managing more in the potty than not - and DD1 is being great and is SO enthusiastic:

DD2 Aged 2.7 (comes running in to room): oh dear, wee wee - I wet!
DD1 Aged 4.10 (dashes over to DD2 and pats on head grin ) Oh never mind - but well done for coming to tell us. I am so proud of you for coming to tell us - good girl!!

Dysgu Wed 03-Aug-11 22:55:43

Oh and we have a potette plus (sp) which DD2 used for the first time yesterday - and can also be used as a child seat on a toilet. Think that will be useful although never used it with DD1 (who just trained herself in 3 days when she started pre-school aged 2.8 years!)

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