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EC - or infant pottying. Anyone do it?

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MakesCakesWhenStressed Wed 27-Jul-11 11:25:08

I'm expecting my first and am interested in trying EC. I don't know anyone who does it, though I have found a group near me that I might go to, so I thought I'd go to old reliable MN!

Do you EC? Did you do it from newborn? How did you find it? Am I going to have problems with EC from newborn bearing in mind my baby is due in the depths of winter?!

Also I couldn't see any threads on EC-ing here on MN, so feel free to threadjack if you just want to discuss it :-)

glastochick Wed 27-Jul-11 13:14:46

I'm about to start this with my 14 month old this weekend!

I wish we'd started when he was newborn, but DH was hospitalised the day after he was born so I just popped DS into reusable nappies and kind of forgot about EC.

I know the signs to watch for when he does a poo, but when he does a wee he kind of shivers as he's doing it. I'm yet to work out a sign beforehand so I can pre-empt it and get to a toilet or other suitable receptacle in time.

So, a weekend of being nappy free should hopefully get me started.

I'm also going to use babysigning whenever he goes so he starts to associate the signs with what he's doing and will hopefully start signing when he needs to go.

There's a useful website here

MakesCakesWhenStressed Wed 27-Jul-11 13:23:32

Oh I've already found that! Thanks though :-)

Good luck with the nappy free weekend. Let me know how it goes.

sanam2010 Thu 28-Jul-11 21:43:55

we've been doing it since week 2 or so, just because where my husband's from there's no nappies and that's what they all do. We must be one of the few crazy ones in London doing it :-). It's a lot of fun, and actually at the very beginning it is the easiest because they poo and pee all the time, so you have success whenever you put the on the potty. Then at month 4 or 5 it gets more difficult because they poo much less and then sometimes you put them for nothing and it gets frustrating and you get lazy.

DD is 9 month old now and we put her first thing in the moring and before putting her to bed, and she usually poos or at least pees then. We try to do it that way to minimise her pooing in the nursery because I want her to be used to have a clean nappy.

When they're young signals are quite easy, they make a lot of noise when they want to poo and have a funny face. Now usually I know she needs to poo because even though she is hungry when nursing her she unlatches and moves around a lot. Or she won't nap even though I know she is tired, and that's usually the reason.

we boyught this Potty on amazon and love it.

initally we held her over it, then when she got heavy it was really exhausting so we had this exercise ball to sit on while holding. now luckily she can sit herself.

any questions, let me know, just do it!! they really like it, they love it, because it is much better for them to do it in the potty than in the nappy. I really notice how proud she is when she does it. to make her learn, obviously we always use a lot of cheering and clapping and smiling when it works.

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