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Potty training - back to sq1??

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Marinochka Wed 27-Jul-11 10:00:40


We have started potty training our little one a couple of months ago. She took it really well and within 2 weeks was even waking up dry in the mornings. The nursery said that as of their concern she is potty trained. Something around five days ago she started wetting herself again. She could even come to you, look up and then pee her leggings. I am not too worried as I heard the regression happen, however am not entirely sure what to do next. After watching her a couple of days I was intending to put her back in her pull ups, let her wear them for a week or so and then start potty training her again. The nursery though suggested to carry on potty training as pull ups are now past.

Once more, I am not too bothered as one clever doctor said to a worried mum - do you see many adults in nappies? My daughter will learn eventually. However I would be very grateful for other mums to share their experience and hear their advise.

Mobly Fri 29-Jul-11 11:44:28

Seriously I would perservere with the potty training- don't put her back in pull ups. You need to get her interested again. Your DD is clearly ready and putting her back in pull ups is holding her back and could be confusing.

Buy some really fun stickers (whatever form of bribery/praise you think will work) and whenever she goes on the toilet/potty heap on the praise and reward with sticker saying how pleased you are. Honestly it's worth the effort now and the regression will pass. The accidents are annoying but you will be glad she is out of nappies sooner rather than later.

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