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Help with a 3yo - surely she must be able to?

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housemum Tue 26-Jul-11 11:16:48

DD3 is 3.5, and has no interest at all in using the toilet. She has chosen special knickers, we have a sticker chart on the bathroom door, she will sit on the toilet but hold it in then flOid the floor. She has used the toilet a few times, sometimes she's asked to get out of the bath and she's weed, sometimes I've been lucky and caught one when I've sat her there.

This morning we did the school run and her nappy was dry so I thought I'd take the chance - I asked if she could be a big girl and use the toilet as we were running put of nappies, she said she wanted to and chose some knickers. She sat on the loo 3 times in the morning with no result - I had to put the washing out and tried her one more time with nothing. 30 seconds after I went outside she called me in as she'd flooded the floor with the huge wee she'd been holding in all morning (wish my pelvic floor hung on that long!). She knew what she'd done, she went to the toilet to wipe her bottom after, but is she really not recognising the signs or just trying to be stubborn? Support from any other late toilet trainers welcome! (other 2 were much easier!)

JarethTheGoblinKing Tue 26-Jul-11 11:17:51

Have you tried a potty, rather than just the toilet?

housemum Tue 26-Jul-11 11:24:30

She's a bit big for a potty, she likes the toilet as it has a Peppa Pig seat, but just doesn't want to actually use it - she talks about where to do your wee, but she doesn't actually do it

JarethTheGoblinKing Tue 26-Jul-11 12:32:14

Have you tried the chocolate button trick?

housemum Tue 26-Jul-11 13:11:03

Yes, but sweets don't work as a bribe (nor any other food) as she isn't bothered. (food is a whole other issue, she could live on fresh air). Stickers seemed a good idea as she lives stickers and is used to stickers for good work or being nice at pre school. We've paid 3 more visits to the loo today and she's still holding on to whatever might be in there (despite me almost force feeding her glasses of water!)

This is going to be a long process....

housemum Tue 26-Jul-11 16:42:59

Well, the score is floor 1 toilet 3 at the moment, but more by me taking her regularly not her recognising the signs. Sigh.

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