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Going for it...

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p99gmb Mon 25-Jul-11 18:44:32

Bare bums - he will sit on potty and have a wee - no accidents - holds poo in until bedtime nappy on

pants on - will wee & poo in pants

So - my question is.. do I 'go for it' and absolutely no nappy on at all (except bedtime one I guess)...? I think I know the answer, just need it confirming that YES - we have to go cold turkey and clean up the mess...

he's only 2.3yo but I am sure he understands and is ready..

fuzzybunny Mon 25-Jul-11 21:37:37

My DD is the same, I don't put nappies on at home and she always goes to her potty for wees and nearly always for poos (I have to say nearly as today she went in the garden then came to tell mehmm). But when she has a nappy on she will just do it in there. If she hears other people talking about going to the toilet she wants to join in, and when I ask her she sometimes will go. I've not been pushing it though and think that might help, haven't got round to going for it just yet though I think it will still be too messy! (DD 2.3 and DS 1 next week)

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