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Too early?

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mumfromspace Mon 25-Jul-11 14:43:51

Help please!

My DS is just 3, we adopted him about 4 months ago and he is very settled. We have started the potty training process but I'm unsure if we are trying too early or doing it right, I'd appreciate your input!

We have tried him a couple of times but he got very upset so we left it and have just started again within the last week. We've put him in pants (pull ups just confused him) and if we sit him on the potty he will eventually wee. We came up with the 'pant fairy' who will bring him a present at the end of each week if he has worn his pants and done a wee in the potty. Now then, when we plonk him on the potty, like I say, eventually he will go, however, if we ask him to tell us when he needs a wee he just goes in his pants and then tells us. I've asked him as best as I can if he gets a 'funny' tummy feeling when he needs a wee and he says no, that it just happens. So, my questions are 1. are we doing this the right way? 2. Are we expecting too much too soon? 3. Could we be doing anything to improve our chances? and 4. Is it just too early for him?

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

With thanks.
J x

p99gmb Mon 25-Jul-11 18:39:40

In this nice weather, try having him naked from waist down.. then when he does wee on the floor, at least he can see it and feel it...

When he's had a wee, sit him on the potty...

I think bare bums is the best way to start.. we've just got thru that stage, now need to start putting underpants on and getting him to pull them down and do a wee.. step by step..

good luck

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