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Holding wee ....

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Millie1 Thu 21-Jul-11 14:50:00

Day 1 potty training DTs today. Sigh. The boys were a walk in the park compared to this!

DTs are 3.2, very interested in wearing pants but we've had a couple of false starts. Last tried at Easter but figured they weren't ready. Really would like them out of nappies starting pre-school in Sept.

DT2 spent most of the morning sitting on her potty trying to wee and producing, literally, a few drops. I praised like mad. Made her go off and play a few times, tried to distract. She did a small wee in her pants outside but only a little so I knew there was more. She sat on her potty for half an hour after lunch before I put a nappy on before her nap. Needless to say, it was full within about two minutes as she'd been holding. Don't think she meant to hold. Suggested that she sat on the potty with nappy on to get her used to feel - wouldn't doit.

DT1 had two accidents, did nothing in her potty and also tried it after lunch with no joy. She too filled her nappy in minutes.

Any suggestions please?


Dorje Thu 21-Jul-11 17:48:41

I would do one twin at a time TBH - they are separate people and you will have time to do it properly then.

Millie1 Thu 21-Jul-11 19:41:39

Hmmm ... Had wondered about training them individually.

Dorje Mon 25-Jul-11 10:45:09

She who shall not be named and also the baby whisperer recommends training twins individually. Go with the most tuned in twin, and the other one will see what's happening and will follow shortly.

Good luck with it...

Millie1 Mon 25-Jul-11 12:20:00

Thanks Dorje. Am doing just that but honestly am at my wits end. Chose to go with twin who will at least wee with no nappy on, even if it does hit the floor. This morning she was dry when she got up and was still dry 2 hrs later despite me sitting beside her as she sat on the potty holding it in for a huge chunk of that time. I am at a loss as to how to get them to releae on the potty. Even tried her on it with nappy on but no good - she wee'ed in her nappy 5 mins later.

Dorje Tue 26-Jul-11 01:59:22

Well maybe they need to see you sitting on the loo and going to a tune of twinkle twinkle little tinkle!! Sometimes turning on the taps helps? sometimes splashing a bit of water on her bottom to give her the sensation??

My DD started and then stopped and then started and then stopped potty training - tbh in the end we skipped the potty side of it and got a big step up to our loo, so she could sit up, and she was trained fully in a very very long five weeks at about two and a half.

The potty was a red herring in our house, and maybe with you as well.....

It was unbelievable stressful {quick look around} <hugs> I had no idea how difficult it would be - and I thought that breastfeeding and three doses of mastitis etc was hard.....

You are not alone smile

Millie1 Tue 26-Jul-11 08:53:59

Thanks Dorje and ouch re the mastitis!

Dorje Wed 27-Jul-11 00:11:07

thanks Millie1 - it's long cleared up grin but the memory lingers.

Same for toilet training... what a palaver we had.... I really thought when we were in the thick of it that it would never never end.... but now just a distant (ish) memory!! wine

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