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Good first few days then accidents

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moojie Wed 20-Jul-11 18:24:13

my ds is just 2. He has been telling me he needs a wee/ having a wee since 22 months but I felt he was too young so I spent a few weeks getting him used to the potty when we were at home and he spent most of the time naked from waist down.

Last week I decided to 'go' for it and he got the hang of it really quickly. This weekend we went to the inlaws ( new house and cream carpets!) which I was nervous about but he did so well and no accidents. He even used the 'big boy's toilet when out for lunch on Sunday. Monday he was at nursery but he had accidents all day. Yesterday he was telling me he needed to go all morning but I think it was for attention as I was either on the phone or busy doing something! He did use the potty though with only one accident. We went out all afternoon and he was fine.

Today has been a disaster! Accidents all day and refusing to sit on potty. He has been telling me needs a wee but when I try to put him on the potty he cries and says "later" then wets himself.

Any suggestions? Do I continue or give it a rest for a few weeks? He is not keen on wearing nappies now though!

Jane054848 Sat 23-Jul-11 16:00:47

I have exactly the same thing - DS (3.1) had no accidents at all for the first three days, without even being reminded to go - but for the last week and a half it's been getting steadily worse and now he is having only accidents and no successes. I find it really frustrating as the first few days show he can do it. Have tried going back to basics and constantly reminding him, but he always says he doesn't need to go, and will not go when he sits on the loo.

This is our second attempt but it is even worse this time. Want to give up but am worried that he is moving away from the perfect time to do it and it will only get harder! He is not being stubborn or wilful about it, I can tell he feels bad and stressed about having accidents although he makes light of it.

So I have no advice to offer but lots of sympathy!

mandoo Sat 23-Jul-11 16:08:16

Keep going. DO NOT put a nappy back on. This will just confuse matters. I have potty trained lots of children ( I was previously a nanny) and the first week always seems to go well with a very wet and soggy second week to follow. He will get there don't worry. The longest it took me with one little girl was 7 weeks, but we cracked it in the end.

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