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Day 3 and not sure if she is ready

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CharlieBurt Tue 19-Jul-11 19:50:14

I have starting potty training again with my 2.4 yr old daughter after one false start a couple of months ago.
She has been bare bummed and at home except for night time for the past 3 days, she doesn't want to wear knickers despite us going to town to choose them together last week (she just takes them off after a couple of minutes).
We have had several wees in the potty but probably only due to her spending quite a bit of time on there being read stories but this morning she asked me where the potty was and promptly sat down on it and did a poo and a wee into it. She seems not to realize when she is doing a wee most of the time but yesterday she managed to stop herself mid flow and finish her wee on the potty.
Ohh and I have been using chocolate buttons as rewards for successful potty use.
It all seems a bit contradictory, at times she seems ready but at others she seems as if she isn't.
Should I give up and try again in a few months of carry on?

MissMississippi Tue 19-Jul-11 22:11:02

IMO I would keep going as she stopped mid flow to finish on the potty. that's great. it means she understands what she should be doing.

We started last week, and he does everything in the potty or toilet.

good luck

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