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Finally dry at night...who thought it would be such a LONG journey!(

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2kidsintow Sat 16-Jul-11 22:42:48

(Posted over on parenting, then realised it might be better here!)

My DD1 was potty trained early, but had trouble getting dry at night. We tried lots of things ourselves over the years...lifting for a late night toilet trip, wearing pull ups, not wearing pull ups, even fitting a deafening wet alarm. Nothing worked. It sounds like we bounced from one idea to another quickly, but in reality this was the last 6 years and we tried each method for months at a time.
The problem was, my DD sleeps like the dead! She would sleep in a puddle and not wake, and when the alarm was being tried it didn't last long at all. After the first couple of nights waking everyone up (inc probably our neighbours it was so loud) yet not making her stir, it was abandoned.

After two trips to the docs at 8 and then 9 we got a referral. We've been at the aneuresis clinic for the last year and have had a lot of (sometimes conflicting and quite limiting) advice.
No late drinks, no dark drinks, no acidic drinks, no milk late in the day etc etc etc.

Finally, something seemed to click and we've been able to do away with the pyjama pants and get by with the bed mats and just one or two accidents a week. On nights she does have an accident she will wake herself up, get up and strip her bed, then go and sleep in her other bunk.

What made it worse was her anxiety about going into y6 next year and the residential trips that are planned. And to compound things, DD2 was dry at night the instant she was dry in the day and has slept for the last 3 years without pyjama pants.

At several points I thought it was a never ending road, so to all of you who may be going through the same thing, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

MissMississippi Sun 17-Jul-11 14:09:12

2kidsintow, what a lovely post!!! That is really kind of you to let others know that it does get better even after all that time.

We are just at the beginning of potty training, but I have heard that it can take years for them to be dry at night, so it is nice to hear that although it may sometimes take a while, as you say "there is light at the end of the tunnel" which is very supportive.

Good luck to

Rosieglow Wed 03-Aug-11 21:45:19

Thanks for posting this. We are in the same boat as you but not at the clinic yet. Think this will be the next step as we have tried everything else, including the alarm which DS just unplugs in his sleep!

It gets pretty depressing when you go scrolling through all threads in this section & it's all about under 5s. Makes me feel like the only one dealing with this so it's good to hear from someone else - & also that there is still hope!

Did you find the clinic useful or do you think your DD would have got there anyway? I'm trying to decide whether to get a referral as I think we are doing most things already - lots to drink during day, nothing late, no blackcurrent. Did they actually tell you anything new that made a difference?

cjbartlett Wed 03-Aug-11 21:48:39

You can't train at night
You have to wait for a hormone to kick in
People waste years trying without realising sad

23balloons Wed 03-Aug-11 21:57:03

Congratulations. I had a similar thing with ds1.

Finally got a referral last summer but we didn't start going until Oct as they were only open term time. We had 2 different alarms & discovered ds has a very small bladder. He is now dry at night but never goes through without weeing & he is almost 11. He has now managed to wake when he needs to go which didn't happen before the referral. cjbartlett I when you have a 10 year old wetting the bed every single night, it is time to try training & it did work for our son.

He has only had a couple of wet beds in the last 8 months so I would definitely go for the referral for an 8 + year old.

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