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Wanting to use the potty at night

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shufflebum Sat 16-Jul-11 21:38:50

DS has cracked potty training in the day very quickly and easily much to my surprise. He is still happy to wear a pull up at night but will not wee in it so is constantly wanting to get up to use the potty. Occasionally we get a wee but more often than not we don't and I think he is just playing a game to delay going to sleep. Obviously I don't want to ignore him if he needs to go but how do I cut through the procrastination and work out what is genuine or not. He has had a couple of dry nappies overnight but not consistently so not really ready to go without a nappy.
Any suggestions?

NellyTheElephant Sat 16-Jul-11 23:15:04

How old is he? Is he capable of pulling PJs up and down and sitting on a potty on his own? If so i'd say ditch the nappies and put a potty in his room (and night light if necessary), if not, then maybe consider lifting him. Both my girls came out of night nappies around 2.6 at which point they had be day trained for some months and were perfectly capable of using the potty by the bed if they needed it. DS (now 2.3) is a bit useless with PJs and potty so either calls us in the middle of the night or wets himself after hopping out of bed and running for the bathroom, so I currently lift him before I go to bed (which I never did with the girls, but they were still in night nappies at this age). With all 3 we had the early evening procrastination post bedtime thing soon after they were potty trained (ie endless calls to go to the loo, just because they could), if it's just that then go with it with as least fuss or attention as possible and provided you make no issue of it then it tends to wear off within a couple of weeks.

MissMississippi Sun 17-Jul-11 07:00:12


I don't have any advice, but would be interested in watching this thread, as I feel we may encounter this issue!

We just started potty training on Thursday but last night, DS asked to use the potty 30 mins after being put to bed. He had had a few accidents during the day when clothed so I didn't really believe he needed the potty when he shouted "Mummy Potty, wee-wee", as he hadn't ever asked before and also he hadn't wanted to go to bed and had been trying anything to not go. I thought this was another delaying tactic.

I obviously couldn't leave him though, as I was trying to get him to call me or use the potty when dressed (and this had been the first time), so I went up, got his nappy down, and lo and behold he did a massive wee in the potty! He was very pleased with himself and so was I. I perhaps stupidly rewarded him with a further 10 minutes downstairs. DH was amused as he thought it was simply a delaying tactic.

I am over the moon DS called me, and that he did the wee, and this morning his nappy was dry, so that's a great sign.

However, I do wonder if he will start doing this even if he doesn't need....

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sun 17-Jul-11 07:13:06

My dd is like your son she has done potty training very quickly in the day but still has pull ups at night. There have been times when she's asked for the potty after going to bed, and there have been times when it obvious she doesn't really want to go.

I don't started chatting or anything just wait for her to go, if she isn't I'll ask her if she still wants to go. If she says she dies but doesn't again I ask if she's fibbing and using shell day if she is grin if not she has one more chance then I tell her to pull her nappy back up and put her back to bed.

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sun 17-Jul-11 07:15:01

I think it's normal to sometimes do it, they learn quite quickly that they get an instant reaction if they say wee wee!!!

shufflebum Sun 17-Jul-11 22:40:26

Definitely loves the reaction grin we had more success tonight as I laid down the law and said he had one chance to go after his stories and then that was it. Obviously if he wakes later in the night wanting to go then that's fine it was just all the fart arsing around delaying bedtime!
He is getting there with pulling his pants down but still wants them off completely and seems incapable of putting them back on again.
One step at a time!

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