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Pretending he needs a wee all the time!!

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jodieredd Thu 14-Jul-11 13:51:28

My beloved son has been 'dry' for about 2 weeks now but I am experiencing two problems that I was hoping somebody could help me with!?
The first is that he has now started asking to be taken to toilet (he is not stable enough on his legs to go himself) everytime I am talking to somebody else or busy.... I know its for attention as he doesn't need to go but can't refuse to take him incase! What I don't know is how to stop it?
The second problem is that he is becoming constipated as he doesn't like pooing on the toilet. He used to 'go' regularly (sometimes 2-3 times daily) and since the potty/toilet training, he doesn't want to go and I think he is making himself constipated. I don't know if its because he prefers to stand when he pees (into potty bowl or urine bottle). Please help!?

purplekersleaf Thu 14-Jul-11 19:15:38

needing the loo when you are talking is a good way to get you to stop!! - take some spare clothes and chance it - he will either stay dry and realise the ruse no longer works or wet himslef in which case you can tell him that keeping on pretending means you no longer believe him. A good way of trying to get him out of it might be giving him a time limit ie show him a watch, say what the hands will be like in 5 minutes and then you will take him, he will learn to tell the time as well!! As for the poo, he has to go sometime, this could be another controlling issue - make sure he gets plenty of fluids and roughage - he wont be able to hold onto it for too long. If all else fails give him a small fresh orange juice - always worked with my daughter!!

jodieredd Mon 18-Jul-11 13:11:36

Thanks! The 'poo' situation has already improved! He has been crying everytime he needs one and its starting to get better now.
As for the attention thing, I am currently losing my patience..... If he is getting plenty attention, he is as good as gold. If I am too busy, he needs the loo. I think I am going to take your advise and make him wait. If he can hold it all night, he could potentially hold it for a wee while during the day!

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