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DD potty trained at home, but won't do it in nursery

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miamama09 Thu 14-Jul-11 12:49:52

DD (2) is potty trained at home, where at the weekends she is in big girl pants and tells me everytime she needs to go to the loo.

However, in nursery she won't take to it at all, and still has to wear nappies. I'm not worried really, as she's still young, but I thought they were supposed to encourage it and they don't really seem that bothered? EG, today they told me they need me to bring in more nappies. They said when they put her on the toilet she doesn't do anything and runs off.

girlywhirly Thu 14-Jul-11 13:01:58

I think this is about not wanting to use the nursery toilet than not wanting to be trained. Would she use her own toilet seat there, or her own potty, familiar items from home?

miamama09 Thu 14-Jul-11 13:32:56

good idea girly, she could take her own little toilet seat insert into nursery with her...
Will give it a go, thank you!

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